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Brgy. Poblacion, Carmen, Cebu Philippines



The Enviroboard Manufacturing plant is located at Poblacion, Carmen, Cebu, Philippines. It is situated about 40 kilometers north of Cebu City.

The total area of the plant is 27,281 square meters. It is about 400 meters from the national highway, and just along the road going to Carmen wharf. The distance from the plant to the wharf is approximately 150 meters. The location of the plant is strategic to both land and sea transportation which is a big advantage.

Basically, the company has four main rational puposes:

To produce high-density fiber boards which are of superior quality and at a very affordable price.
To provide employment to the people, thus, reducing the unemployment problem of the country.
To help the government on its thrust to develop the countryside through continuing agricultural activities particularly at the sugarcane farms. Our main raw material is bagasse, a sugarcane waste, which is bought from sugarcane planters and farmers.
To help the government minimize the entry of imported boards which ultimately results in dollar savings for the country.

To meet the needs of our customers with high quality products and services, using state-of-the-art technology.
To produce fair/superior returns for our stockholders and foster growth and achievements for our employees.
To commit ourselves as an environment-friendly manufacturing company and as an active partaker in the national economic development and prosperity.


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